Build Days

General Information
This year we will be building at the San Fernando, CA site and Sylmar, CA site building homes for war veterans in the Habitat for Heroes initiative. Our builds are usually on Saturdays (sometimes Sundays). We meet at 7:00 AM and usually get back to school by 3:00 PM. Rides are provided, but it would be great if you could offer to drive! After you sign up, we will send you details about meeting location and rides. For the most up to date news, check this website and our Facebook page or subscribe to our email list! We hope to see you soon!

Signing Up
After paying your membership dues ($15 for a whole year of build days, a tshirt, and your membership) you may sign up for build days online (the form will be emailed and posted on this site) or at general meetings. Keep in mind, however, that priority does go to those who (1) have a car and (2) sign up at general meetings. Any extra spots will go to whoever signs up online, although there are usually only 12-15 spots per build day. So be sure to attend our events and you can join us in serving the less fortunate in the Los Angeles area!

Blurbs From Builders

“UCLA Habitat is one of the most rewarding and hands-on activities in terms of community service and outreach. The organization and build days are not just filled with exciting and interesting people, but watching your physical labor culminate in the completion of a house for one of these deserving families puts your efforts in perspective and reminds you of the real reason why you wake up at 7am on Saturdays in the middle of school: helping families who otherwise would have substandard living conditions.”

– Ramin Rajaii

“It was remarkable to see the different levels of completion on site: from dirt and cement bases of the houses to others being painted and finally to meet the family of a completed home. Build day was a wonderful experience.”

– Jenny Padilla

I had a lovely experience at the build day. It was great to meet some students from UCLA and have a change of pace, learning basic skills like painting. Out of all the volunteer opportunities I have had, this was definitely one of the most hands on. My favorite part of the Saturday was touring the home of a real habitat resident because I got to see the transformation of a house, just like the one I worked on, to a home.”

– Abby Chang